Have you been injured as a pedestrian? Maybe your loved one has. So are you wondering what to do? Pedestrian injuries in Deerfield, Florida can occur even if you were just walking on the sidewalk, following all the rules. If you were still harmed in an accident, then you are not at fault. You need a pedestrian attorney to help get the right compensation for your injuries. Our experienced pedestrian attorneys can help.

Understanding pedestrian injuries

One of the worst causes of getting injured as a pedestrian is if the driver of the vehicle was intoxicated, or simply so fatigued that they lost control of the vehicle. This is not your fault as a pedestrian. Any injury, whether physical, emotional or psychological, that stems from such an accident must be compensated for. Some drivers are just plain careless. Others aren’t looking out for the pedestrians on the sidewalk or in the designated crossing areas.

Get medical care

Sometimes, you feel embarrassed, overwhelmed or experience PTSD when such an incident occurs. When you are injured in any way, you must seek medical care immediately. If for any reason you can’t get up or walk because of the accident, promptly call 911 for help. Urgent medical care is needed for your physical well-being and the police are there to take your statements and report the case. It is at this point that a pedestrian injury attorney is a valuable resource for you.

Call a pedestrian attorney for immediate help

If the policemen are right there to assist you, why should you call an attorney? Your concerns are valid and understandable. However, there are many things you may say or do, for example, talking to the driver or the insurance company that could affect your case. These conversations may not tip the case in your favor, specifically if the injury stemmed from someone else’s wrongdoing.

An attorney represents you in your case.

Your injuries are a private matter. You can discuss them with your doctor, yes, but not with an insurance company, the driver, or the media. The things you say can be tweaked, twisted in a way that may harm you in the case. You don’t want to do anything that jeopardizes your case. If the need arises for any reason, your attorney is the one to represent you. You need an personal injury attorney present with you to guide you through the proper steps. Remember, everything you say can be used against you in a court of law. That’s why it is important you discuss the case only with your attorney.

Take statements and documentation.

Although you may have medical professionals assisting you, you cannot depend on them to document your injuries. For accurate notes, you need your attorney there with you. Won’t the police just take my statement, you ask? Yes, regardless, you must have your own documentation at hand. Documentation is not only writing exact details of the injuries but taking relevant pictures and videos of your body, your clothes, your belongings, etc. You must be a step ahead and make a sketch of the street and the area where the accident occurred.

Gather witnesses and compensation for your injuries.

A serious injury as a pedestrian should not be taken casually. You may have a family to look after, you may have duties to fulfill, you may not get paid sick leaves from work or suffer grievous injuries that may cause temporary or permanent disability. You deserve to be compensated for all the pain you go through. The driver or the insurance company can manipulate people into accepting offers they don’t deserve. Your attorney is the one to help you secure the right compensation.

What to do in the event of a collision?

There are many ways and reasons you may be injured when walking. The wise thing to do is to be prepared and know what you can do to handle this issue. First, keep calm. Being calm will help you speak to the police, the medical staff, and the driver if needed.

That brings us to the second strategy, which is not letting the driver leave the scene. Everything may happen so quickly you dust yourself off and think nothing has happened. In fact later you later discover you’ve got a severe injury to your ribs or worse.

If witnesses have gathered around, ask them respectfully to stay until the police and your attorney arrives. Call the police at the scene of the accident. Don’t wait until you’ve calmed down or rested at home to call the police.

While you wait for the police and other personnel to arrive, take photos and videos of the scene, of your injuries, and clothes. It’s important you capture the traffic light or the intersection of the scene for further documentation, too.

Here’s a snapshot of what you should do:

  • Move to the sidewalk, away from the street.
  • Call the police at the scene of the accident!
  • Wait for the police to take your statement.
  • Don’t let the driver leave.
  • Take note/snap pictures of the driver’s license plate.
  • Take photos of the environment.
  • Get prompt medical attention.
  • Call your pedestrian attorney.