More than 129,000 pedestrians are wheeled into the emergency room every year. Did you know that pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely to be killed than people inside vehicles, in a car crash. These statistics give us a reality check on how serious pedestrian accidents are. Here is a brief guide on how to avoid a pedestrian accident whether you are the pedestrian or driver and when to call a pedestrian accident attorney.

Knowing the risk factors and being prepared in the event of a pedestrian accident can save you a lot of mental and physical trauma. Everyone is at risk for a pedestrian accident. The average age of pedestrians killed in pedestrian-related accidents is 47 years.

It’s not just car crashes, but tripping on broken sidewalks can also give you grievous injuries just as a fatal car crash would. You want to be very careful as a pedestrian and pay attention to your environment. The time of the day is also a factor. You are most at risk during the evening or early nightfall as you may not see the bumps or obstacles on the surfaces.

Tips to Avoid Accidents as a Pedestrian

Walking is great exercise and is good for you to save money on transportation as well as improving your health. However, be more cautious while walking in urban areas, busy intersections, and crosswalks. Remember these important safety tips while you go out for your routine power walk or are out sightseeing and strolling through the city.

  • Wear bright colored clothing, with reflective strips if you are walking at night.
  • Carry a flashlight for evening or night-time walks.
  • Walk in bright areas and areas clear of trees, etc. to be visible to drivers.
  • Contact an attorney promptly for case review, free consultation, and advice about your rights.

Major Causes of Pedestrian Accidents for Drivers

Being involved in a pedestrian accident is traumatic for both the drivers and the victims of the accident. Take a look at these major causes and be sure to know of them to avoid pedestrian accidents if you are the driver:

  • Be sober, driving under the influence increases the likelihood of pedestrian accidents.
  • Do not use your phones when driving. Texting and taking selfies while driving is dangerous.
  • Being absentminded while driving distracts you and pedestrians may not be visible to you.
  • Do not run through signals or stop signs.
  • Being reckless while driving through crosswalks is dangerous.
  • Avoid breaking traffic rules.

Remember Your Responsibilities

Whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, you have responsibilities. Your actions have a great impact on the environment, animals, and people. Being aware and move carefully through busy streets or intersections. Remember your responsibilities to avoid dangerous consequences and minimize your risk for a pedestrian accident. Here are further tips to keep you safe on the road and avoid collisions with pedestrians.

Don’t use your phone while driving or walking

Smart phones are awesome and they help give you directions. You can even listen to music and take pictures or capture videos as dedicated YouTubers and Instagrammers do. As a driver or a pedestrian though, looking at your phone puts you at greater risk for pedestrian accidents. Avoid walking on sidewalks and looking at your phone. Pay attention to your surroundings.

Look at rear and side view mirrors

Look at your rear- and side-view mirrors to ensure any pedestrians are visible to you. There may be pedestrians who trip on cracked sidewalks or who are intoxicated and stumble on the main street. Check mirrors particularly on crosswalks and intersections around schools, hospitals, and malls. Keep your mirrors clean to optimize view.

Drive at acceptable speed limits

You will have better control over your vehicle, notably if you see a wandering pedestrian trying to cross the street. Slow down when you see intersections and remain alert to notice pedestrians at the sidewalk.

Pedestrians, stay alert while crossing and look for signs

This is true specifically when you cross the road, if you have only a few seconds to cross, walk with purpose. Cross the street calmly, if you hurry or rush, you are more likely to get into a pedestrian crash. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, be sure you walk with a friend or loved one who can guide you cautiously to your destination.

When to call an experienced pedestrian attorney

If you are involved in a pedestrian accident and receive injuries, whether you were the driver or the victim, contact an experienced pedestrian attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will represent you with insurance company, police, and other officials involved in your case so that you can focus on recovery.

Your injuries are a private matter so your attorney will help document your injuries with any medical personnel present. You attorney will also help gather any witnesses to make a stronger case for you. If you have severe injuries because of the accident by no fault of your own, then you deserve the right compensation to help cover medical expenses and loss of wages. The best way to get the compensation you deserve is to enlist the help of an experienced personal injury attorney that is ready to defend.