Facing a personal injury can be one of the most trying and difficult times in your life. A personal injury can impact your ability to provide for your family as well as your career. While personal injuries can change your life, there are few ways to get compensated damages.

There are two forms of receiving compensation for your injury. These forms include a settlement outside of court or the option of a civil lawsuit to collect damages. In general, civil lawsuits often promise larger settlements, however, may not be right for you.

How much your settlement will be is based on a variety of factors. Let’s dive into what settlements are and how they are frequently calculated. Keep in mind that your settlement will vary based on various factors. Consult with an experienced first claims attorney in Deerfield for more accurate settlement projections.

Understanding Your Case and Settlement

A personal injury case is often filed as a result of injury to one’s person. This injury can be due to a slip and fall incident, malfunctioning equipment, and more. Once a personal injury occurs you’ll have to seek medical treatment and likely take time off from work.

A settlement is the result of the person responsible for your injury helping cover damages the injury has caused. These damages can include:

– loss of wages

– medical expenses and treatment

– hospital stays

– physical therapy

– home care

Sometimes a settlement is offered to you prior to a lawsuit or claim being filed. Or it can be made after a case has gone to trial. In some cases, both parties may be uncertain of the jury’s deliberating and work to come to an agreement prior to a final verdict.

Settlement Disbursements

More than 70% of people who have a filed a personal injury claim receive a settlement outside of court. Very few cases go to trial.

Because of the expense of trials and risk, reaching a settlement outside of court is preferred.

If your claim is filed with an insurance company you can expect to have a settlement offered almost immediately. Insurance companies offer to settle quickly to avoid pricey trials and unnecessary risks.

Working with insurance companies or responsible parties to reach a fair settlement is always the first step. An experienced first claims attorney can help you reach a settlement you deserve.

Damages Formula

In most cases calculating the cost for care during your personal injury and the money lost due to your injury is simple, the measurement for pain and suffering varies.

To address this very issue many companies have developed a formula. Initially, the responsible party will calculate medial expenses. These expenses can include everything from treatment to outpatient care and therapy.

The parties typically multiply the amount of damage by about one and half to three times the injuries. In more severe personal injuries, this multiplier can be up to five. If injuries are life changing, long lasting, or the result of obvious negligence the multiplier is even higher.

Once these numbers are crunched negotiations begin. An experienced first claims attorney can ensure you receive fair compensation for your case. Determining fair compensation takes experience. Having legal know-how makes achieving a far settlement more likely. Most responsible parties work to to achieve the smallest settlement, so an attorney can work on your behalf.


Once a settlement agreement has been reached, you’ll give up all potential future claims. The settlement will be designed to take care of any injury related costs until you are completely recovered.

That’s why it is imperative to get a fair settlement. Working to achieve a fair settlement on your own could result in receiving far less than you deserve.

An experienced claims attorney in Deerfield Beach, Florida can help you determine the best settlement for your case. An attorney will fight for your rights and offer guidance throughout the process. With someone on your side you can face your case with confidence and focus on a speedy recovery.