Living in any coastal city puts you, your family, and your assets at risk for disaster. If disaster strikes the most important and essential part of relief is being prepared. While facing disaster can seem overwhelming, having a plan in place can relieve a lot of headache. In this post we’ll talk about how you can prepare for hurricane season. We’ll also cover what should be in your family’s “go bag”.

The “Go” Bag

The Go Bag is an original term used by elite military personnel. It is a bag that one can grab quickly and go. Elite military personnel go bags can include extra ammo and cash. Your family’s go bag should include your family’s everyday essentials. These items should be packed to last for up to 7 days and nights.

The most practical go bags for family’s should include the following:

  • Change of clothing for each family member
  • Blankets
  • Copies of all identification cards or certificates
  • Dry food and water
  • Matches and flash light
  • Cash
  • Fully charged pre-paid cell phones and charging cords/packs
  • Flash light
  • First aid kit
  • Basic tool kit
  • Household goods
  • Copy of all insurance cards and declarations

Let’s dive into why each of these items should be in your family’s go bag and gain further insights to ensure your family is prepared.

Change of clothing for each family member

One of the biggest challenges of facing disaster is maintaining hygiene. Once you have gotten your family to safety you’ll want to freshen up and get into some clean dry clothes. Packing a change of clothing for your family can help your family stay dry and get a better night’s sleep.


In the after math of any storm or hurricane weather comes the wet and coldness of the night. To help keep your family comfortable pack a few extra blankets. For young children this will give them a sense of familiarity. It will also make getting some much needed rest easier and hassle free.

Copies of identification cards and certificates

Being able to quickly identify every member of your family to authorities is essential. Packing away copies of your driver’s license, birth certificates, pass ports, and social security cards can help you get the help you need fast.

Dry food and water

You are never really sure how far and how long the journey will be to get to safety. Remembering to include snacks in your go bag is a simple way to help your family find energy along the trip. Snacks to consider include cereal, nuts, crackers, canned juice, etc. While most hurricane relief teams will provide fresh water, it never hurts to have your own family stash. Furthermore, you want to ensure your family has enough water to avoid dehydration.

Matches and flashlight

In the event that you find yourselves out of electricity, you’ll want to be able to start a fire and get around safely. A box of matches saves you time and could help keep you warm and flashlights can help keep your family aware of thier surroundings.


There is nothing more useful in the moments of disater than good ‘ol fashioned cash. Keeping cash handy can help cover essentials and travel as needed.

Fully charged pre-paid cell phones and charging cords/packs

Remembering to pack away a pre-paid cell phone and charging packs can help ensure you can call for help as needed. Often if power is out, cell phones can find towers in range that may still be standing after the storm.

First aid kit

During your quick dash to safety your family may get a few cuts and bruises along the way. Keeping a first aid kit handy can help prevent infection, control pain, and other things as you wait for relief.

Basic tool kit

It may seem over the top, but a basic tool kit can go a long way when facing uncertainty. You may need tools to open a door or repair a form of transportation. Tools can also help you build a quick shelter for your family if needed.

Household goods

Packing household goods such as wipes, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and gloves can give you peace of mind. If you find yourself in a shelter with others, protecting your family from infections or common colds and virus is essential.

Copy of all insurance cards and declarations

Unfortunately, with disaster comes insurance claims. When filing your first claims after a disaster having a copy of your insurance declarations can help you achieve a fair and fast settlement. They also help a first claims attorney navigate your case more quickly. Keepign a copy of your attorney’s card handy will also save you time.

Pack Your Family’s Go Bag Today!

Getting your family ready to face a disaster can give you peace of mind. Avoid waiting to pack your go bag when you’ll need. Instead, choose to pack your go bag in moments of calm to ensure you don’t forget essentials.