Insurance Claim Attorneys in Deerfield Beach

If you have suffered property damage either from a storm or something as common as a pipe burst, let us fight for you. Our insurance claim attorneys will work hard for you to receive the recovery you deserve for your residential, business, or commercial property loss claim.

No Fees if No Recovery

Property damage can arise by many different means:

  • Hurricane and Wind Damage
  • Plumbing Leaks and Pipe Bursts
  • Fire Damage
  • Tornadoes, Lightning, and Floods

Unfortunately, hurricanes are a part of life as a Floridian. Past storms have caused millions of dollars in losses to homes and businesses alike. Each hurricane season, homeowners hope they are not in the cone of disaster sustaining property damage. If property damage does occur, then your insurance should cover the damages; unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes insurance companies do not cover all that is agreed upon under the contract. Bell & Bell, PA is here to help if you have property damage and must negotiate a claim.

If your property is insured for physical damage, then this type of coverage is considered a first-party insurance policy. In other words, you are the “first-party” making a claim against your insurance company for property loss. Your insurance company is supposed to cover your property damage with a fair payment for the loss. But the amount of a fair payment can be a complex matter of evaluations, policy provisions and negotiations. Unfortunately, determining was is “fair payment” often becomes a contested issue.

First Party Claims Adjusters and Timely Settlements

Typically, your insurance company sends out a claims adjuster to assess the damage. The claims adjuster is often hired by your insurance company to represent its interests. These adjusters may handle your claim, but it is up to you to prove the value of your loss. You will have to provide your own documentation for each area of loss. We can help you with this claim and advocate on your behalf so you are not at it alone.

Bell & Bell, PA, is a law firm that works only for you, the insured party who has suffered a loss. We work by your side to make sure your insurance company stays on task and evaluates your recovery with the priority it deserves. We will help put your insurance claim together and ensure that you receive a fair and timely settlement.

Regardless of the cause of property damage, Florida homeowners do not have to navigate these complex claims without an insurance claim lawyer.  It is important to move quickly and efficiently to mitigate further damages and get the property replaced or repaired. Contact Bell & Bell for a free, no obligation consultation today (954) 783-2215. We will only accept attorney’s fees if we recover compensation for you.

The Insurance Companies Already Have Lawyers. You Should Too.