If you’re injured in a car accident your primary concern should be recovering from your injuries. Contacting a personal injury law firm in South Florida is the recommended first step to protecting your rights and ensuring your family is taken care of. The sooner a legal team can start handling the liability aspects of your case, the sooner you can concentrate your energy on recovery and healing. One of the most important and overwhelming aspects of an accident is dealing with the correspondence and claims submitted to insurance companies.

Enlisting the help of a auto injury attorney gives you the confidence you need when dealing with experienced attorneys and insurance claim representatives. Often immediate contact enables you to recall facts that pertain to your accident and allows your attorney to contact willing witnesses, gather relevant information, and evaluate pictures. The biggest struggle between parties is determining fault. If fault is not easily determined the process to determine fault can be tiresome. The help of a personal attorney is paramount in these cases.

Negligent Drivers and Defective Vehicles

A high percentage of car accidents are due to simple driver negligence. Your South Florida auto accident lawyer can often reconstruct the exact events leading up to the crash and has a network of medical, legal, and engineering specialists who can help determine exactly what happened and whether driver negligence is to blame. Litigation is not always necessary, but accepting the first offer from an insurance company is not recommended in most cases.

Furthermore, there are various other parts to an auto accident that one must consider such as lemon cars or malfunctioning car parts. Manufacture defects in vehicle design may lead to life altering injuries and deaths in car accidents. Engineering specialists can sometimes uncover these flaws and bring them to light. This not only helps you recover an appropriate financial settlement, but may help save others from similar accidents. It is important to consult an attorney to help determine the cause of the accident beyond simply human fault. An auto injury lawyer is also uniquely equipped with information and resources to identify other factors that may cause an accident such as road conditions and signage.

Road Conditions

Unfilled potholes, overgrown trees, and improperly graded curves can result in catastrophic car accidents; when this happens, local governments may be held responsible for negligence. Similarly roads and flow of traffic is often affected by signage. Your South Florida personal injury law firm ensures that all evidence is recovered and that photos are taken of the scene before these problems are fixed so that it is easier to protect your rights in court.

After being injured in a car accident, your job is to recover and heal. Enlisting the help of a South Florida car accident lawyer ensures you don’t have to worry about dealing with insurance companies. Your lawyer is also able to determine whether litigation is in your best interest.

Regardless of whether your auto accident happens by state negligence, malfunctioning parts, or bad road conditions it is important to contact an auto accident attorney as soon as possible. (Contact us if you have any questions here).
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