Choosing a Pompano Beach personal injury lawyer is a wise decision. We have more than a decade of experience identifying how to build the best cases and obtain settlements that improve your position and help you handle the challenges of loss of wages or unplanned injury. Each case we take on is designed to protect the rights of our clients as well as give them a voice. There are various types of accidents that occur and our legal team is well versed and experienced in a variety of them to help navigate your legal process effortlessly.

Being injured is no cakewalk. Receiving care from doctors, working with health insurance companies, dealing with pain, rising medical bills, and the struggle to recover mentally and physically is difficult, overwhelming, and stressful. If you were injured in an auto accident, trucking accident, or even while on a cruise ship, hiring a South Florida personal injury lawyer is the wisest way to ensure you get the compensation that you deserve.

How to Handle Auto Accidents

Car accidents are scary to experience and can be difficult to recover from. Hiring a Pompano Beach personal injury lawyer right away is important. Sometimes injuries take time to show up, and sometimes they are immediate and devastating. Fighting with an insurance company can be exhausting to do on your own. After your car accident you will have many other things to do that will take priority such as obtaining offtime for work to recover, looking after your family to ensure their needs are met, and much more. A personal injury lawyer will do his or her best to help you get the monetary compensation that is appropriate for your case and work with you to ensure the insurance company doesn’t railroad you into an unfair settlement.

When Involved in Trucking Accidents

Collisions and accidents involving 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks can be catastrophic or even fatal.  While the industry is well regulated, accidents happen, and the injured party can file damages against the driver and the trucking company. If the truck was overloaded, or the driver impaired, not only is the truck driver responsible, but so is the company. There are a variety of factors to consider with trucking accidents.These regulations are put in place in order to protect other drivers, and a South Florida personal injury lawyer can help make sure those accountable fulfill their responsibilities after a truck accident.

Understanding Cruise Ship Injuries

A cruise is supposed to be a relaxing vacation, which is why injuries that occur onboard can feel especially devastating. Slips and falls, falling objects, and even sexual assault that occurs on a cruise should be reported promptly, and your lawyer notified right away. Unfortunately, there are many loopholes when it comes to filing a lawsuit against a cruise line. An experienced Pompano Beach personal injury lawyer can make sure you get the compensation to which you’re entitled after being injured while on a cruise. Whether you have cruised inside the United States or around the world – our legal team protects your rights.