Because Florida is a no-fault insurance state, if you’re hurt in an accident, your own personal insurance covers $10,000 in emergency medical services or $2,500 in  non-emergency medical services. At Bell & Bell, P.A., we know there’s rarely a “typical” accident. Negligence and recklessness cause many accidents and a car accident lawyer in South Florida can help you seek redress if you’re a victim of that negligence.

What if There Is a Pileup?

Assigning liability in the case of a multi-car pileup, like one that occurred on I-75 last October, is very complicated, and weather is often a factor. Even when the cause of a pileup is unclear, drivers can be ticketed by police if they failed to keep sufficient space between vehicles. If you’re involved in a big pileup, contact a South Florida car accident lawyer right away.

Can the State Be Liable?

A January 2012 crash south of Gainesville on I-75 involved 25 vehicles and killed 11 people, injuring dozens more. Earlier that night, I-75 had been closed after a less serious accident. Smoke and fog cut visibility drastically, and the Florida Highway Patrol was criticized for opening I-75 back up prematurely. At least three victims have given notice that they plan to sue the state due to its role in the deadly pileup.

Injuries at Sporting Events

A NASCAR accident at Daytona International Speedway injured more than 30 people in February 2013 after a car went airborne, sending debris into the crowd. NASCAR requires tracks to assume responsibility in these situations, and tracks must carry millions of dollars worth of liability insurance. However, it is likely that multiple lawsuits will be filed as a result of the Daytona accident

Tickets as Contracts

One question that arises from events as diverse as cruise vacations and NASCAR events is how binding the legal information printed on tickets is. In the past, such provisions printed on event tickets or cruise tickets have not held up in court when negligence is involved (Read our FAQs section for more information here).