There are few unique aspects to personal injury cases. But, there are several steps that are always the same. After suffering a personal injury, the plaintiff should begin searching for an attorney. Personal injury attorneys navigate the legal system to protect and defend your rights.

Most personal injury attorneys offer a complimentary initial consultation to assess your case. During this consultation your personal injury attorney identifies the strength of your case. They also identify whether the defendant has insurance or assets to settle or supersede your damages. These things help determine if your case can make you whole again.

Facing a personal injury case is overwhelming and difficult to face alone. Here is what to expect when facing a personal injury case.

Understanding Attorney Compensation

If your attorney determines to move forward an agreement is often decided. Your attorney will begin by ensuring you understand and agree to the cost for proceeding. Often attorney fees can be expensive and unclear.

Before beginning any case an experienced attorney will explain the benefits of preceding. They will also cover the drawbacks and what to expect.

In most agreements there is a set amount of time your attorney will give your case. The rate, time allocated, and cost to handle your case will be reviewed to help you understand your fees.

Navigating Your Personal Injury Case

As your case progresses your attorney will provide a date for you to appear in court. During this court appearance your defendant is present to hear any charges. These charges will detail the damages caused as well as the settlement desired.

The defendant will have the opportunity to respond to the charges. Response may be agreement to pay, negotiation of pay, or a blend of the two. Often the response can be reviewed in court. If there is a disagreement of the response and settlement, the court proceeds with the case.

After the court proceeds with the case your judge or mediator will determine who wins. This process can be variable. Many things are explored and you may submit more information or supporting documents.

Receiving Your Decision or Settlement

Once you have received a decision your personal injury attorney will continue to help. You both will decide on how to move forward. If a settlement is awarded your attorney will provide you with information on how to proceed.