When you enter another person’s property you have a reasonable expectation to leave the same way in which you came: safe and unharmed. Legally your expectations are considered rights. Negligence on behalf of the property owner may cause harm that results in a domino effect in your life as you recover. Florida law offers redress for instances where the negligence of the property owner causes harm to a visitor. An injury attorney in Deerfield Beach assists you with navigating premise law to assure you are protected and understand your rights. Enlist the help of a law firm that specializes in premises liability. They successfully navigate Florida’s legal system and get justice if you were injured on someone’s property.

A property owner is expected to take care his property is safe for all visitors. This rule and principle applies to businesses, apartment complexes, stores, and homes. In some cases, such as an apartment complex, property occupants may also be liable for visitor injuries. A premises liability attorney demonstrates that the injured party was harmed because of the property owner’s negligence. They make sure the property is safe. This includes taking steps to warn or protect visitors. Examples are a “No Diving’ or “No Lifeguard on Duty” signs by a pool.

When injury occurs on someone’s property it requires proving the owner knew the potential hazard and failed to give fair warning to visitors. It also must be demonstrated that the injured party took reasonable precautions for their own safety. A property owner is not liable for harm caused by the willful, dangerous behavior of visitors such as skateboarders making use of a public park regardless of signs.

There are a few types of premise falls visitors have rights to seek justice or help covering related life and injury expenses.

Business Invitee

A property owner requires the highest degree of care when it comes to business invitees. These are people who enter the property for business reasons, such as a shopper going into a grocery store. Property owners are required to keep the property safe and in good repair. At the very least, they must provide clear notice of hazards, such as spills or wet floors.


Licensees are people who enter a property for a social event like a party. It might include neighbors, family, or friends. The property owners are expected to maintain reasonable safety for them and fix any unsafe conditions. This might even include trespassers under certain conditions.


Property owners are required to take particular care to protect children on their property, whether invited or not. This includes things like swimming pools, trampolines, discarded appliances, or any other situation which might put a child into harm’s way.