There are various questions to ask and consider as you determine if an attorney should be present in your case that involves an accident. Every accident is different and requires an approach that protects you and your family. To determine if you have a case, are entitled to compensation, or to identify your rights it is necessary to first consult an accident attorney. Accident attorneys are well-versed in a various parts of the law. They are uniquely trained to handle a variety of cases and most importantly deal with insurance companies.

Some questions are rather general in nature while others require a professional perspective and an insight into the best direction you should take. Often very broad questions are answered in pursuit of an answer that is relevant. Have you ever wanted to ask an accident attorney in Deerfield Beach a host of questions to determine if you have a case?  We’ve curated a broad range of information that will help you make informed decisions about your case. Read our FAQs section here for more information.

Questions to ask and consider

For each accident there are variety of processes to go through. Between filing the claim and handling the necessities of your life you must also deal with the loss of wages, medical expenses, and recovery. There is no simple answer. Is the supermarket liable for your slip and fall? It depends on how high your current and future medical bills are, how much work you had to miss while recovering, whether you can return to your former line of work, and other factors like pain and suffering. An accident attorney is your best option for discovering the answers to these problems quickly.

Other complications exists. For example, unless your insurance policy specifically provides coverage for your motorcycle, it is not covered. In Florida, motorcycle owners are not required to have insurance. If you have a motorcycle, you need to get insurance. Some car insurers write policies for motorcycles and some do not. Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic, so you are strongly urged to get seek help from an experienced accident attorney.

If you’re injured in a car crash, once your medical treatment is concluded, you are said to have reached Maximum Medical Improvement. Your South Florida accident lawyer will ask for a final statement about your medical condition, and this may be in the form of a description of your condition or an impairment rating. Some insurers want an impairment rating for defense counsel if they believe there will be a trial concerning your accident.

If you think your loved one is not being well taken care of, be sure to contact Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) at (888) 419-3456 during regular business hours for guidance on reporting nursing home abuse. You should also call a South Florida accident attorney at the first opportunity to discuss the issue. If you have the opportunity to move your loved one, you should do so.

Malpractice suits in Florida are far more complicated than other injury cases. Your South Florida accident attorney has to go through a detailed pre-suit process where evidence and statements are collected and physicians, hospitals, or other health care providers are given 90 days to respond. Procedures must be followed exactly before a malpractice suit can even be filed.

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