Slip and fall accidents are part of a wider category called premises liability. Deerfield Beach slip and fall lawyers are personal injury attorneys with experience working with medical providers and insurance companies on your behalf. If you are a victim of a slip and fall accident, it’s important to take action right away so that your attorney can represent and defend your rights.

Slip and fall lawyers have extensive experience working with you to defend your rights. If you believe you have a slip and fall case remember to keep track of all documents and interactions with property owners. Also double check with your insurance company to determine if specific documents must be submitted for approval.

Deerfield Beach Injury Attorney Cases

Personal injury attorneys handle a wide range of cases. Here are five types of cases a Deerfield Beach injury attorney handles in addition to premises liability.

  1. Automobile accidents
    People in vehicle accidents often suffer emotionally and physically. Many persons involved in an accident have no way to pay medical bills or support family due a lost in wages. Hiring an attorney to handle the dispute and protect your right to collect damages is a necessary step when an accident involves litigation. A slip and fall attorney also gives you peace of mind.
  2. Bicycle accidents
    Although motor vehicle drivers are required by law to share the road with bicyclists, it is not always the case. Motor vehicle drivers cause accidents that injure and kill many bicyclist every year. Even though bicyclists wear protective gear, injuries can be severe and life threatening.
  3. Cruise ship accidents
    There have been several major cases that involve people vacationing on cruise ships. While vacationing these persons become seriously ill or stranded. If you have an injury from a cruise ship vacation, speak with an attorney right away. A Pompano Beach injury attorney can you determine if you have a case against the cruise liner for neglect.
  4. Construction site injuries
    Construction sites are dangerous workplaces. Even with safety equipment and procedures, accidents occur due to negligence by the foreman or other construction workers. In 2015, the state of Florida reported more than 7,000 workers compensation claims. Those claims were awarded more than $260 million statewide.
  5. Pedestrian accidents
    When a motor vehicle driver strikes a pedestrian who is complying with road safety regulations, the pedestrian should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Most pedestrian accidents involve broken bones or serious trauma, such as spinal cord and brain injuries. Thus, it is important to have the proper representation to protect the rights of pedestrians and to ensure complete compensation. Many studies have shown that pedestrians may have considerable medical bills for years to come. Obtaining complete compensation and a appropriate settlement can help handle these fees.

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