Unfortunately, motorcycle riders face a lot of dangers on the road, not just from environmental factors but also from other drivers. There are some situations you simply can’t avoid, and when you’ve been injured as a result of another driver’s negligence or incompetence, you deserve fair compensation for your pain.

Injury Attorney In South Florida Fights For Compensation

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Protecting Yourself On The Road

Fortunately, there are some steps that motorcycle riders can take to protect themselves on the road. Certain hazards can be avoided with careful driving. It’s important to understand in advance what the potential dangers will be, such as heavy traffic or inclement weather.

Here are a few common hazards to motorcyclists:

  1. Rough Roads
    When roads are torn up from construction work, broken down from disrepair, or strewn with debris for one reason or another, they pose a real risk for motorcycles. Gravel can be one of the biggest dangers, especially if it’s encountered while turning a corner. It is too easy for rough roads to cause a bike to lose control or slide out from under the rider. Be mindful of the road ahead; pay attention to changes in the surface, and when you spot any possible rough patches, slow down and be ready to navigate them.
  2. Animals
    Hitting even a small animal can throw a bike off balance. Unfortunately, animals can bolt across the road without warning. The key is to try to avoid them without swerving too much. In city areas, keep an eye out for dogs and cats, squirrels, and other common urban animals that might be standing or moving near the road. Slow down and be ready to avoid them if they happen to move into your path suddenly. In rural areas, look for larger animals like deer, which present an even greater danger.
  3. Slick Road Surfaces
    A slick surface presents a much greater risk to a motorcycle than to a car, especially when turning. Always keep an eye out for possible slick spots, caused by water, oil, ice or other substances. Drive slowly and carefully over them.
  4. Cars And Trucks
    Unfortunately, the drivers of cars and trucks present one of the greatest risks for motorcycles, because people inside larger vehicles don’t always pay attention and look out for bikes. Therefore, it is important for motorcycle riders to drive defensively. Always keep an eye on traffic, and try to anticipate possible problems, such as vehicles moving into your lane or turning in front of you. But even the most careful drivers can become injured from the negligent behavior of other vehicles on the road. When that happens, you need a competent and tenacious motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for you and get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Bell Attorneys in South Florida can provide an experienced injury attorney to fight for you. For a free consultation, Call Us At 954-783-2215 Or 888-852-8867 Today!