When you face the challenge of filing an insurance claim you’ll want to get help as soon as possible. Filing an insurance claim can be time consuming and overwhelming. If you fail to file your claim  with accurate information your claim could be at risk for:

– rejection or denial

– reduced or poor settlement

– delays in processing

To avoid potential risk consider hiring an insurance claims attorney in Deerfield Beach, Florida. An experienced attorney can give you peace of mind and give you the settlement you deserve.

Here are 5 rules to keep in mind when filing an insurance claim for the first time.

Rule One – Document your case.

If you’re seeking a settlement to help cover expenses related to your recovery or loss of wages, you’ll need to build a valid case. Presenting a valid case begins with understanding your rights and responsibilities. One of the easiest ways to support your claims is to provide documentation.

Reliable documentation such as police or incident reports and pictures are essential. Compiling and organize all your supporting documents  helps support your claim. Strong documentation can also expedite your claim and help you avoid processing delays.

Rule Two – Gather witnesses and testimonies.

Gathering witnesses and testimonies that support your claim is always a good idea. A second hand account for a claim helps build credibility and proves your claim is valid. Witnesses can be those who have witnessed the incident as well as experts in the field.

As a good rule of thumb avoid asking family or friends to act as witnesses. Unless your loved ones are directly involved in your case they can be considered partial. Seeking expert advice and obtaining second hand witness accounts and declarations can play key roles in supporting your claims.

Rule Three – Contact an experienced first claims attorney.

It is always a good idea to contact an experienced claims attorney in Deerfield Beach. An experienced attorney can file your claim for you and help you avoid a denied claim. Your attorney will understand what you need to submit as part of you claim as well as represent you.

With the proper representation you are assured your rights are being protected and more likely to be awarded a fair settlement. Filing a claim alone can be overwhelming and intimidating as well as create unnecessary worry.

Rule Four – Remain calm and focus on recovery.

Facing an incident that requires you to file an insurance claim is tough. You’ll may be suddenly impacted by the incident in unexpected ways such as medical expenses and loss of wages. Remember to take it one day at a time and to focus on your recovery. Your recovery and well being is the number one concern. The faster you recover the fast you can regain control and get back on track.

Your attorney will handle all communications from your insurance providers and navigate the entire process on your behalf. Additionally, with the help of an insurance claims attorney you can rest assured your rights are being protected.

Rule Five – Don’t talk to any insurance companies or related representatives.

A common misunderstanding when it comes to filing an insurance claim is that an immediate response is required. However, many settlements and processes can take up to 6 months to resolve. Prior to speaking to an insurance company, consult a first claims attorney. Whether you choose to retain the attorney’s services or not a consultation can give you peace of mind.

During your talk with an experienced claims attorney you’ll discover what to expect. You can ask questions about your settlement, the common reasons claims are denied, and much more.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Gaining peace of mind when facing an insurance claim is essential for a swift recovery. Our experienced claims attorneys are ready to help you get the settlement you deserve. From filing the right claims to speaking with representatives, we can handle every part of your claim quickly.
Let our claims attorneys in Deerfield Beach assist you today.