If you are looking for a personal injury attorney in Deerfield Beach, you might want to perform some research before scheduling a consultation. Even if you already have an attorney, you may need to find one with a case history for personal injury or car accidents. The ideal lawyer will have a reputation for success that relates to your particular case. This article will introduce you to five key considerations when choosing a personal injury lawyer and exactly what they do.

1.  Consult Friends and Family

A referral is a good indicator of a quality lawyer. If you have family or friends that have been involved in a similar case and the lawyer produced positive results, schedule a consultation. A personal referral is more likely to have straightforward, honest roots than an online review.

2. A Quality Lawyer Answers All Your Questions Promptly

Make sure you bring a list of questions to the initial consultation. Afterward, ask yourself if the attorney answered all of your questions thoroughly and if he or she gave you a detailed explanation of what to expect. Not only does this indicate the attorney is committed to your individual case, but also demonstrates confidence and expertise.

3. The Lawyer Returns Calls and Emails

Keeping current correspondence indicates that your lawyer cares about your case. If the attorney has high-profile, expensive clients, there’s a chance that their priorities and interest are focused elsewhere. However, if your attorney is reliable and returns your calls and emails, they are organized and ready to take on your case.

4. The Attorney Doesn’t Offer Empty Promises

Chances are you don’t have a law degree, so it’s difficult to tell if your attorney is offering empty promises. A good lawyer will tell you what he or she is going to do to produce the most beneficial outcome and provide reasonable expectations for the outcome. A smart, quality lawyer may even reference past cases that he or she has faced. Remember, it is difficult for even the best attorneys to know what’s going to happen in any proceeding.

5. Specialized Experience

For personal injuries or car accidents, you need a lawyer that specializes in these particular areas of the law. There’s a good chance that your family attorney can’t handle these cases effectively. Personal injury attorneys, however, have case histories that support their abilities to represent you effectively. To find an exceptional Pompano Beach personal injury, car or truck wreck lawyer, contact Bell Attorneys at 954-783-2215.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do? 

To best represent clients in their pursuit of justice after suffering a personal injury, a Deerfield Beach personal injury lawyer must know how to and do many things. Here are just a few things a good lawyer does.

Follows Case Law Diligently

Anyone who wants to succeed at a personal injury law firm has to follow case law. In our legal system, a precedent is a principle established by one or more previous legal cases that is persuasive to a court when deciding later cases that are similar. In principle, similar cases should be decided similarly, and knowledge of case law is one way successful attorneys achieve the best outcome for clients.

Helps Deal with Insurance Companies

In personal injury cases, insurance companies play a big role. Many people think that they’ll get the care they need by working with an insurance company on their own. But insurance companies don’t keep their huge profits by being generous to those filing claims. Good Pompano Beach attorneys know how to deal with insurance companies to ensure you get the care you need.

Knows when Litigation is Necessary

Litigation is not always necessary, but a good Pompano Beach injury lawyer knows how to tell when litigation is the best way to proceed. Filing suit doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a trial. Parties may settle at any point leading up to the trial date.

Advises Victims on Settlement Offers

Most cases that are litigated are settled before going to trial. An experienced personal injury lawyer advises you on whether a particular settlement offer is in your best interest. Most people would prefer to avoid a trial, but that shouldn’t mean agreeing to an inadequate settlement.

Pursues Justice for Those Injured by Others’ Negligence

If you are hurt in a car accident, a slip and fall accident, a pedestrian accident, or any other type of accident because of another party’s negligence, you must pursue justice. You will not necessarily have to sue, but you should work with a Pompano Beach personal injury law firm that will help you obtain the compensation and care you deserve after a personal injury accident.

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