One reason to contact injury lawyers in Pompano Beach as soon as possible after being injured in an accident is that important evidence may be lost or destroyed. Your injury attorney understands how to gather and compile relevant information for your case as well as where to look. Preserving evidence may involve photographing the scene, getting witness statements, obtaining copies of police reports, and finding out if there is video surveillance surrounding the scene. After getting any necessary emergency medical treatment, a top priority should be contacting a personal injury lawyer to see if other information is needed.

Besides friends and loved ones calling you to find out if you are safe and well, you can expect a call from an insurance company soon after being injured in an accident. If someone from an insurance company calls you about your claim, it is best to refer that person to your attorney. Too often, insurance companies for liable parties are able to get accident victims to accept less than what they are entitled after being injured by their policyholder. Accidents cost a lot of money for both parties involved, however, the responsible party should be held accountable to do their part.

Another key part of your accident is ensuring that you contact your doctor immediately. You must be honest and forthright with the doctor treating you after an accident. For one thing, your doctor needs an accurate medical history in order to treat your injuries properly. Furthermore, if you are not candid with your doctor, a defense attorney could have your doctor’s testimony stricken or attack your credibility if there is a trial over your case.

Determining Liability and Responsibilty

Your personal injury attorney in Pompano Beach will place a value on your claim based on several factors. He or she will need to assess what caused your injuries and who is at fault. Your injury attorney will also consider the responsible party’s liability insurance coverage. The extent of your injuries and the amount of medical treatment you require are also considerations when determining the monetary value of your claim. Other factors affect responsibility as well such as compensation for loss of wages and recovery time.

By contacting an injury lawyer in Pompano Beach as soon as possible after being injured in an accident, you maximize the chances of necessary evidence being preserved, and you maximize chances that if surveillance footage of the scene exists it can be examined. The longer you wait the more difficult it will be to protect your rights as an injured party. Moving fast and hiring an accident attorney to handle your case is the best way to protect your family if you are injured and anticipate a long recovery. Injury attorneys are very experienced and will be able to help you determine the best way to handle your case.
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