Seniors are plentiful in South Florida and spent more than $135 billion in 2000. That was $15 billion more than residents under 49 years of age. It is also reported that residents over 55 years of age receive larger incomes.

South Florida is home to many retirees, a population in which a simple slip and fall accident can be devastating. Even if you think you only sustained minor injuriesl, you should still see your physician to have your injuries evaluated. Seniors who suffer from slip and falls are more likely to have a longer recovery and in some cases no complete recovery at all.

Challenges Many Seniors Face in South Florida

There are various other issues and challenges that many seniors must face. These challenges include mix ups with prescription medications that are rare but may occur; the result can be catastrophic. If you or a senior loved one becomes sick from receiving the wrong prescription medication, keep the medication, along with the container it came in and your receipt. It will have important time and date information. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Pompano Beach as soon as you can to discuss your situation.

Due to delayed coordination often experienced with aging, many seniors are involved in car accidents. These accidents are often the result of compromised vision and delayed hand/eye coordination. If lucky, the worst damage is some crunched chrome on the cars involved. However, we all know how devastating a serious car crash can be. If someone’s negligent or impaired driving results in you being injured, speak with a Pompano Beach car accident lawyer as soon as possible, especially if insurance companies have been contacting you trying to get you to sign off on a settlement.

Other possible accidents that may affect seniors are collisions with big transportation companies. Cases involving impaired or inadequately-trained drivers, faulty brakes, or other defects can result in catastrophic injuries and death. You and your loved ones deserve skilled legal counsel experienced in dealing with trucking companies. Often truck drivers may run seniors off the road or practice bully-like driving behaviors that may cause a senior loved one to lose focus and get involved in a crash.
There are numerous other ways senior citizens may become involved with accidents such as a defective product. If your senior loved one is affected or harmed by a defective product, keep the product, its original packaging, and your receipts. Contact a South Florida personal injury lawyer with experience in these cases. Enlisting the help of an attorney enables you to seek justice and help manufacturers be held responsible for defected products. This also ensures that these products do not cause harm to others. Remember that justice is your right, and a skilled injury attorney can see that justice is served and protect your family’s rights as you recover from any accident that may involve your senior loved one.

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