The Association for International Road Travel reports that more than 37,000 people die in car crashes each year. These crashes are responsible for approximately 2.35 million injuries or disabilities. If you are ever in a car crash, speak to a car accident attorney in Florida. These attorneys have experience handling your case as well as protecting your rights. Here are the first steps you should take if you’re involved in a car crash:

Call the police and local authorities

It is often our first reaction to help people involved in the crash. But contacting local authorities should be your first call. Local authorities train daily for handling emergencies. They also have the proper equipment to provide any medical attention. When it comes to emergencies, medical attention is of the utmost importance. Immediate medical care can prevent paralysis and many other complicated injuries.

Another primary reason to call the police is to get your crash report completed. The faster a report is written, the more likely the report will be accurate. Waiting to have a report written after cars have moved or people have scattered may harm your case. Getting local authorities involved also brings a neutral party to your case.

Take notes, voice recordings, and pictures

Take notes or voice recordings of what happened while the crash is fresh on your mind. In some cases, these notes or recordings can provide valuable insight into the crash. Often car crashes are a matter of fault. When you take notes and record your observations or take pictures, it helps you and others recall the crash.

They also provide great insight into your case. Your experienced car accident attorney will use this to help protect your rights.

Get witness statements and contact information

Eye witnesses are not always the most reliable sources. Yet, in car crash incidents, they can help you recall certain things about the crash. They can also be a neutral party and provide your attorney with the information they need for your case.

Similar to police and local authorities, witnesses are neutral parties. Neutral parties are essential for any case. They help attorneys, insurance companies, and judges determine fault. Their statements are compared for similarities and contrasts. This information can make determining fault more accurate.

Speak to an attorney

Before you speak to your insurance company or the other party or parties involved in your car crash, speak to an experienced car accident attorney in Florida. Speaking to an attorney ensures that you are not overwhelmed or pressured. Many times dealing with your insurance company or that of the other parties you become confused. However, a car accident attorney helps ensure your rights are protected.

Remember, contacting local authorities should be your first call in the event of a car crash. They are trained to handle emergencies and have the proper equipment to provide medical attention. Getting a crash report completed quickly and accurately is also important for your case. Additionally, taking notes and pictures, as well as getting witness statements, can provide valuable information for your case. Finally, speaking to an experienced car accident attorney in Florida will help protect your rights.