If you or a loved one have been injured in a fall on someone else’s property, it would be wise to consult with an experienced premises liability attorney, especially if the fall resulted from the property owner’s negligence. Legally, businesses are responsible for making sure that their premises are safe by inspecting them and making any necessary repairs. Precautions should always be taken to protect people who enter the premises from injury.

When that doesn’t happen and people get hurt, the property owner can be held responsible, and the victim can seek justice in the courts. A qualified slip-and-fall attorney can help the victim to obtain financial compensation for their pain and suffering.

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An experienced attorney will have knowledge of prior premises liability cases, which will help them to understand how best to pursue their client’s case. The attorney will be able to tell how strong the case is and the amount of monetary damages to which the victim might be entitled.

However, there are certain situations in which the liability of the property owner will be pretty clear to a judge and jury. The following are some examples of situations where a property owner should have taken steps to protect people entering the premises:

  1. Water Leaks
    Puddles of water are one very common slipping hazard, and a property owner is responsible for either cleaning up puddles quickly or informing visitors of the danger through clear signage. Water can leak from freezers and fridges, or it can drip from poorly maintained ceilings. It can seep under doors or windows that are not property sealed. In each of these cases, repairs or maintenance should have been performed, and visitors should have been made aware of the risks.
  2. Loose Papers
    Paper that is strewn on the ground can become a very easy slipping hazard. This can happen if magazines or cards fall out of racks, or if trash is allowed to sit on the ground. The floor should be kept clean and clear.
  3. Potholes And Cracks
    When a floor or sidewalk has large cracks or potholes in it, it can become easy for people to trip and fall, for wheelchairs to tip over, or for ankles to be sprained. Property owners are responsible for filling in potholes and cracks, as well as giving fair warning to visitors. There are many other conditions in which a visitor can be injured and the property owner held responsible. If you need a premises liability attorney or a slip and fall attorney in Deerfield Beach, contact Bell & Bell, P.A.

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