Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Unfortunately, drivers often don’t give enough respect to bicycle riders. But bicyclists share equal rights to those who drive a car, truck, or motorcycle on local roadways. Specifically, riders of bicycles are required to obey the same traffic laws as other vehicles on the road. Often there is a bicycle lane specifically delineated for bicycle riders. Through the negligence, inattentiveness, or willfulness of motor vehicle drivers, unfortunately injuries occur.

Bicycle accidents can occur when a motor vehicle driver fails to:

  1. Adequately stop at a posted stop sign
  2. Obey speed limits on a blind curve
  3. Check before pulling in or out of a driveway or parking place

A bicycle may also be rear-ended if a car is following too closely behind the rider. If this occurs, an accident could happen where the bicycle rider is “sandwiched” between two cars resulting in serious bodily harm! This includes injuries such as a broken leg, amputation, or even death. When these injuries result, contact a personal injury lawyer immediately to discuss the collision.

Bicyclists who are involved in even a minor bicycle accident often suffer far greater injury than anyone in a car or other motor vehicle. Cyclists who wear protective gear, such as helmets, may have some injuries, even if it’s only road rash. For those who were hit by a car at low speeds, there is generally only damage done to the aesthetics of the car. On the other hand, bicyclists are usually thrown from the bike and often suffer serious injuries such as broken bones, road-rash, lacerations, brain damage, severe bleeding, or even death.