Did you know that homeowners insurance can cover a host of property damage? When it comes to homeowners in Florida, the damage is often the result of the weather. Damage from thunder, storms, hail, and hurricanes is very commonplace in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

While many homeowners assume that property damage must be major, that’s not the case. Property damage can involve everything from roofs and structure to flooring and walls.

Let’s take a look at 8 types of property damage that your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover. Remember to speak with an experienced first claims attorney to understand your policy. Then you can contact your insurance provider to file a claim and likely get the replacement cost covered.

Perils Your Homeowners Policy Protects Against

Most homeowner’s insurance covers many things. The items that your policy covers are referred to as “perils”. These perils range from fire to floods and are detailed in your policy. Our list covers the most common perils covered according to the Insurance Information Institute.


Hurricane damage in the state of Florida is very commonplace. This type of coverage really depends on the damage your home sustains and the limitations of your policy. Hurricane damage is can also be described as wind damage. Check your policy for any wind damage coverage.

Plumbing Mishaps

Facing plumbing damage in your home can be scary and overwhelming. But did you know that if a pipe bursts and your home floods, your policy likely covers the cost of repairs? Review your policy for more information on plumbing mishaps.

Fire Damage

If your home catches fire your homeowner’s policy often kicks in right away, in most cases. Fire damage can include replacing furniture and even rebuilding your home as needed.


Lightening damage is more common than most homeowners realize. Consulting with a homeowner inspector can help you determine if your home has sustained related damage. From cosmetic damage to structural, paying close attention to lightning damage is important.


Ever worried that your home will be destroyed by persons? If your property is damaged by a riot or related activities your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover damages. You may also be able to hold individuals liable and receive more settlements. Speak to an experienced property damage attorney to learn more about your rights.

Falling Objects

In movies we sometimes see a ceiling collapsing. Your homeowner’s policy may cover related damage. If you find any structural damage that results in falling objects such a ceiling fan or lighting, contact your adjuster right away.

Water Damage

If your home sustains any type of water damage your policy may cover the repair costs. Water damage can be anything from a bathtub overflowing to your washing machine leaking. Check your policy for the details of this coverage and speak to a first claims attorney for coverage details.


Have you ever left something in the oven too long? The smoke damage from such a mishap does not always go away. If you find that your home suffers from smoke damage, you may be able to get help covering the cost of replacement. Often smoke damage is related to fire damage, however, electrical fires and the like can create smoke damage as well.

Preparing To File Your Claim

Homeownership is an investment that must be protected. If you ever find that your home is facing any type of damage that requires major replacement, give us a call. Property damage to your home may be covered by your policy and you could get help with any repairs that may be required.